ACTION NEEDED! ABx2-6 (Cooper) and SBx2-5 (Leno) are back

We urge legislators to vote no on ABx2-6 (Cooper) and SBx2-5 (Leno). The industry is for reasonable regulations, but not legislation that equates vapor products with tobacco. They are fundamentally different and should be not be regulated the same. By equating them with tobacco, we miss a profound opportunity to reduce the public harm caused […]

Legislative Threat Update, Participation and Invitation

This this update; legislative threats in 2016, the Sacramento “Fly-in”, and continued fundraising needs.

New year, New Fight, Join Us!

NEW YEAR, NEW FIGHT AND WE NEED YOUR HELP! MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR SATURDAY, JANUARY 30TH! 2015 has been a successful year for the SFATA Chapters in California. None of the threats we faced managed to materialize into harmful legislation for the industry and your business. But the battle was hard, intense, and long. Bills […]